Model TK-106X

Miniature Electromagnetic Current Meter

Model TK-106X Miniature Electromagnetic Current Meter

This device is a velocity flow meter for taking measurements of rivers, water channels, and drain channels. This device was created leveraging the extensive experience and technology our company has built up over the years, the advantages of the electromagnetic type measurement method, and a controller with memory function. This device is intended for use in narrow and shallow waterways in particular and was designed and manufactured to be ultra-small and lightweight.


Controller | Model TK-106X Miniature Electromagnetic Current Meter
Example of display | Model TK-106X Miniature Electromagnetic Current Meter
  • Internal memory function
  • Water drop proof construction
  • Large and easy-to-read LCD display
  • No moving parts or parts that undergo friction
  • Small size/light weight
  • Accurate measurements from ultra-low flow velocities to high flow velocities
  • High reliability
  • Measurements possible starting from a depth of 3 cm
  • Zero-point adjustment unnecessary
  • Coefficient (examination type) calculation function
  • Display units switching (m/s → cm/s)
  • Includes maintenance deadline notice
  • Includes RS-232C output

Measurement Range

0.03 - 4.00m/s

※ Includes Japanese official test result certificate

Velocity flow rate averaging time

Select from the following 6 settings: 2, 5, 10, 20, 40, and 60 s

Memory Function

MAX 10,000 data points (timestamp + measurement data)

Power Supply

Four C size dry cell batteries or DC12V (option)

Battery Life

Approximately 8 hours with continuous use



Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg) Notes
Probe 36×25×70 0.2 Probe only
180×120×405 0.5 When the hanger and tail are attached
Cabtire cable φ8×10m (standard) 0.8 -
Suspension rope φ5×11m(standard)) 0.2 Tensile strength over 100kg
Plumb bob 70×40×270 2.8 -
Controller 80×154×190 0.95 Including batteries
Storage case 347×456×186 4.5 Made with duralumin frame
Rod φ12×1,020 0.4 -


  • Rod (total length: 2m) Model RD-101 extensible type
  • External output (0 - 1 V, USB2.0 standard, etc.)