Model CMT-10C

Electric Current Meter

Model CMT-10C Electric Current Meter

This device features a newly designed probe and controller. The probe is designed to have low water resistance, making it possible to flow measurements with greater accuracy. The controller is extremely light-weight and weighs only 1/4 of the previous generation product. The device has a wide measurement range of 0.03 - 3.00 m/s and can be used for hydraulic power feasibility surveys.


 Model CMT-10C Electric Current Meter
Suspension bracket set/while using plumb bob (option) | Model CMT-10C Electric Current Meter
Controller | Model CMT-10C Electric Current Meter
  • Small size/light-weight
  • Precise measurements of low flow rates to medium flow rates
  • Coefficient (examination type) calculation function
  • Internal memory function
  • Complies with IP65 protection rating. Good water resistance and dust resistance
  • Large and easy-to-read LCD display
  • External output (USB 2.0 standards), external power supply (USB power supply or included AC adapter)

Measurement Range

0.03 - 3.00m/s

※ Includes Japanese official test result certificate

Velocity flow rate averaging time

Select from the following 5 settings: 2, 5, 20, 40, and 60 s

Memory Function

MAX 10,000 data points (timestamp + measurement data)

Power Supply

Two AA size dry cell batteries

Battery Life

Approximately 24 hours with continuous use


Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg) Notes
Probe Total length 345× propeller φ90 0.27 -
Cabtire cable φ4×21m (standard) 0.4 -
Light-weight rod φ12×1,000 0.38 With ferrule
Controller 200×58/94×39.5 0.29 Including batteries
Storage case 210×350×220 0.9 Made of Polypropylene


  • Extension rod Model RD-110, φ 12 × 1,000
  • Suspension bracket set: 21 m suspension rope, bracket for rope, shackle
  • Plumb bob (ModelCW-3)
  • Protector (Model SC-108)